About Us

What We Believe...This is usually the part where most people skim through quickly looking for what one agrees or disagrees with. I will do my best to make it short and sweet...

We believe... the Bible is the divinely inspired Word of Elohiym. All of Scripture is given for correction, reproof, and instruction in righteousness. The Scriptures contains the written revelation of who our Creator is, the instruction on how to worship Him,  and our incredible salvation through YAHSHUA the Messiah.

We believe... the Elohiym of Israel is the Creator, Sustainer, Provider, and is Sovereign over all His creation. 

We believe... that YAHSHUA the Messiah is the Word of Elohiym, made flesh and has become the mediator of His covenant people. He was born of a virgin, proclaimed the truth, performed numerous miracles, and taught the Law (Torah) of Elohiym.  YAHSHUA the Messiah lived the perfect life of obedience, and was crucified, died, buried, and resurrected to atone for the sins of all mankind past, present and future. He was resurrected to life and ascended to the right hand of the Father where He is seated to be our High Priest in the order of Melchizedek. Salvation is only possible through a proper relationship with YAHSHUA the Messiah. 

We believe... the Holy Spirit is the presence, power and essence of the Father, that emanates forth from the Throne Room of Heaven and accomplishes His will in the universe. His Spirit lives within us,enabling us to righteous living, and that convicts us of sin, teaches us the truth, and enables us to overcome our weaknesses in the flesh. The fruit of the Holy Spirit is evident in nine character attributes in the lives of believers.

We believe... that salvation is by the indwelling of Elohiym (YAH) through faith and can never be earned through our good works or observing the Law (Torah). Salvation is only attainable within the Re-Newed Covenant established at Messiah's death to bring Israel (a people) back into fellowship to Him. It is through the shed blood of Messiah's perfect sacrifice for our sins that allows us to come into the Re-Newed Covenant with Him.

We believe... that the Law (Torah) of Elohiym (YAH) is the instruction manual for believers on how to live a holy (set apart) lifestyle. The Law (Torah)  is for our benefit and adhering to its principals brings forth blessings in our lives as believers. The Law (Torah)  includes the first five books of the Bible which was delivered to Moses by YAH . YAHSHUA the Messiah did not come to expunge (do away) the Law (Torah), but to live it out as an example to all believers. The Law (Torah) of is written on the hearts and minds of believers as we enter into the ReNewed Covenant with our Messiah. We believe the Law (Torah) defines what sin and righteousness are.

We believe... that YAH our Father created the heavens and the earth in six days and rested on the seventh. YAH blessed and sanctified the seventh day and commands all believers to rest on the seventh day according to the fourth of the Ten Commandments. The Sabbath day is the seventh day from sunset on Friday to sunset on Saturday. It is a sign for Yah's people. The Sabbath is a gift from the Creator to give rest to our mind, body, and spirit. The Sabbath allows YAH'S people to worship, pray, teach, study, fellowship, and encourage one another in the bonds of love. The Sabbath also allots us time to connect with our families, spouses, children, friends, and of course, our heavenly Father.  The Sabbath is a shadow of Messiah's salvation knowing we rest in Him while reflecting on His work for our salvation.

We believe... Israel is composed of covenant believers,  entering into the Re-Newed Covenant with their Messiah who keep the Commandments of YAH and the Testimony of YAHSHUA the Messiah.

If you made it this far, great job! Be blessed...