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Welcome to Mercy Seat Ministries


We are a Biblically-centered and Messiah-focused congregation of believers in the Wichita, Kansas. We do not seek denominational status, but realize that YAH's children are a scattered remnant around the globe who keep the Commandments of YAH, and have the testimony of YASHUA the Messiah. We believe YAH's covenant people, encompasses what the Scriptures calls Israel no matter where they reside. We do not align ourselves with man-made doctrine, religion, or "church"-related theology, but only desire to learn and obey the instructions (Torah) from the Scriptures.

We believe YAHSHUA the Messiah is our Savior who purchased us with His own blood by offering Himself unto death for our sins and knowing He is the way, the truth, and the life. We seek to worship the one true Elohiym of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in spirit and in truth in accordance with the written Word of YAH.

Our mission is to proclaim the gospel, make disciples, and prepare the way of our High Priest YAHSHUA the Messiah by providing a place for those who desire Biblical fellowship on the Seventh-day Sabbath while we worship, study, and pray together in peace, and respect toward one another. Realizing not all of the Father's people think on the same lines, nor are we all at the same level of understanding, we grow together by His indwelling and knowledge until we come into the unity of faith, unto the perfect man, to the fullness of Messiah together as a family under the headship of our King.

Mercy Seat Ministries believes in the entireity of Scripture, both Old and New Testaments are valid for instruction, correction, reproof, and doctrine and that none of it is done away. We believe salvation is the gift of YAH and cannot be earned by obedience to the Law (Torah) of YAH. We are saved by His indwelling through faith. The work we are called to do, is to submit ourselves in obedience to His word, manifesting that truth in our lives. Those striving in the process of salvation through faith, will exhibit a change in lifestyle that produces fruit to YAH by obedience to His Law (Torah). Knowing we are not perfect in our flesh, we believe repentance is shown by obedience to His Commandments as a way of life.

Mercy Seat Ministries believes love, that is manifest in keeping the Father's commandments, is the most important characteristic a believer can possess. We believe the Law (Torah) of YAH instructs us how to love our Creator and our fellow man. It is through love that YAH makes the impossible is possibleby His truth. 

Mercy Seat Ministries believes that the written Word of Elohiym is best understood under the umbrella of a Hebraic context. Because of this belief, we expect to continue, and have discovered profound detailed understanding of Scripture. (By the indwelling of the Father's spirit, of course).Through careful examination of Hebrew thoughts, words, and culture, believers are catapulted toward a deeper spiritual discovery of our  Father, and His son, and High Priest.

Mercy Seat Ministries provides an open worship platform for the believer through music, tambourines, and shofar's combined with the move of the Father's Spirit.  We believe Scripture is detailed with exuberant worship celebrations to the Creator of life. From this we believe Scripture encourages us to celebrate our Sabbaths with great joy and peace to our blessed Redeemer and King YAHSHUA the Messiah. The result is bringing believers into the presence of the Father's love and exceeding joy that He desires for all His children.

If you feel drawn to visit us for Sabbath celebration, please feel free to contact us. Refer to the contact us page for information. May the great,  "I AM, THAT I AM"  bless you and keep you.

Mercy Seat Ministries